New Book Launched

New Book Launched

A new book launched and scheduled for publication will be entitled Loquacious Lair Of Lautitious Lachrymose.  Loquacious Lair Of Lautitious Lachrymose will be the third book published by author Alexander M. R Smoljanovic.  The new book is expected to be released worldwide in eBook and paperback versions within a year.   Two published books preceding this one are Illusory Realm Of Poetry and Loquacious Lair Of Poetry.

Some of the content in the new book will include poetry intended to complete some of the stories previously told and also begin new ones.  I Still remember Nights she cried is an example of poetry that may be included.

I Still Remember Nights She Cried

The following poem probably best fits the categories of sad, nonfiction poetry based on personal experience.

I Still Remember Nights She Cried – Poem

I still remember nights she cried
and knew life would not be the same.
My feelings then I could not hide
and felt I should accept some blame.

At seventeen I left my home
and rarely came to say hello.
And while I was compelled to roam
my mother always loved me so.

I found her when her time was due
and saw her life was passing fast
but never thought it would be true
that this would be the very last.

I thought somehow she would come back
while others then had not much hope.
And while real faith I did not lack
there was so much with which to cope.

Then close to her I then did wait
when death had visited her bed.
I found her when it was too late
to say the things I could have said.


I still remember when spending time with my mom even after many decades. She loved to draw birds and flowers sitting at the kitchen table while I stood there and watched.

Birds and flowers were included in the animated heart created for the poem in memory of her. The following image is a static version of the original animation.

I Still Remember Nights She Cried

A poem selection entitled Prove That You Love Me was published in a recent post.

CreateSpace is one of the many distributors that carry the paperback versions of  Loquacious Lair Of Poetry and Illusory Realm Of Poetry.

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